Business Lending

Cash flow should never get in the way of your growth. That’s why New Era Merchant Services offers funding advance products to all our merchants.  Our FAST & EASY approval process guarantees a speedy turnaround time. Regardless of your financial situation, we have a loan that you can qualify for! Best part is, we may not require traditional documentation and underwriting, speeding up the funding process to get you back to your business. At New Era Merchant Services we have your success in mind, one of our experts will advise you on the best solution for your business capital needs.

ACH & Invoicing

New Era Merchant Services is more than just credit card processing, we specialize in providing the best tools to accommodate your business. Our ACH solution provides your business with a cost-effective and time-saving way to process payments electronically. Using our ACH solutions, you can streamline payment acceptance, save time and money, avoiding paper checks and accept funds with peace of mind. Our easy to use system makes it simple to initiate payments as well as set up recurring payments and collections. Finally, you can manage customer profiles and accounts receivable from our robust cloud-based platform, from anywhere!

Fraud & Chargeback Protection

New Era Merchant Services helps you avoid the burden of chargebacks and fraud claims within your business. Our chargeback and fraud prevention solutions provide you with notices and alerts of chargeback risk for fraud and non-fraud disputes. The tools we provide helps stop disputes from escalating and gives you the time needed to make an informed decision to resolve the dispute and stop the chargeback, adding to your profit while minimizing unwanted losses. Our fraud prevention partners ensure that your good customers are never turned away, while the “chargeback guarantee service” will prevent you from having to bear the cost of unqualified fraud-related chargebacks.

EMV POS Integration

EMV cards or “Chip Cards” are the new standard in security and compliance. New Era Merchant Services allows you and your staff to continue using your current POS system, while making your system PCI and EMV compliant. This allows your business to decrease EMV fraud claims while adhering to industry mandated EMV compliance standards. Our solutions are cost effective and simple to implement, take action and start saving on EMV Fraud claims today!

Medical Billing

With the recent growth in patients’ financial responsibilities and subpar estimation tools medical providers are facing collections issues like never before. New Era Merchant Services has the solution for your practice, introducing MX Medical. Our Medical billing solution provides you with tools to better educate and communicate with patients and facilitate easy-to-implement payment options. MX Medical provides patients with a clear estimation of their responsibility at the time of care and delivers simple payment options that helps medical practices collect more and avoid costly receivables.

Online Ordering

Let New Era Merchant Services take your business to the next level with easy to setup online ordering. From their smartphone or computer web browser, customers get an up-to-date menu and flexible ordering options. Our solution seamlessly integrates with you POS system, all orders come directly to your system and are printed on your designated kitchen printers making its adoption simple. Your customers will love the option to save their credit card info for easy re-ordering and order tracking. With an optional iOS and Android app you can customize your brand, color, look and feel without the cost of development.